Welcome to Team Abarth!

The iconic car of the dunlop targa New Zealand, we maybe the smallest and oldest car in the event but we are the most successful Targa Competitor!

We have started and finished every targa event, since the first dunlop targa New Zealand in 1995

"Our main motivation is ‘satisfaction’ ……having a 40 year old 1000cc car not only finish the event, but beat home over half the field , catching Porsches and the like on the way, gives everyone involved in our Team immense satisfaction….a feeling that cannot be repeated with a modern car that is easier to drive and doesn’t break down."  

We invite fellow abarth enthusiasts around the world to contact us to say hi!


Team Abarth Supporters T-Shirts help "CURE KIDS".  Click HERE to help us to help them...!